Ponad 30 lat najwyższej jakości,
wysoka niezawodność produktów do procesów lutowania.
Daniel Werkhoven
założyciel Interflux

Założona w 1980, Interflux® Electronics N.V, to synonim najwyższej jakości produktów do procesów lutowania. Koncentrujemy się głównie na technologiach nie wymagających czyszczenia I nie pozostawiających osadów, produktach wolnych od szkodliwych halogenków I braku substacji lotnych (VOC), formułach bez żywicznych ...

Interflux® Electronics N.V. posiada certyfikat ISO 9001.

Prawdziwy pionier
Interflux® Electronics N.V. has always been in the forefront when it comes to innovative development of soldering chemistry. IF2005M, the first of its kind body-free, No-residueTM flux was conceived, produced and made successful by the Interflux® Group. Furthermore, Interflux was one of the first to offer a high performance, high quality completely VOC-free line of soldering fluxes: the PacIFic series. With IF 14, Interflux introduced a solder wire chemistry with brushable residues, a property that is still unique today.
Responsible & durable
By installing photovoltaic panels and solar water heating in Ghent, Interflux® Electronics N.V. has committed itself to become a low carbon emission facility. Today the annual CO2-exhaust has been reduced with more than 50%. Interflux® Electronics N.V. has a biological waste water treatment system which grants our facility the ‘zero discharge’ label from the Flemish Government for sewage water.
Support worldwide
With 12 international daughter companies and 3 strategic production plants under the Interflux® name and a global network of agents and distributors, Interflux® Electronics N.V. provides a vast support network. High quality, technical, logistical, sales and on-site customer support for Interflux® products is widely available.
Interflux Electronics Belgium office building

Interflux Electronics NV
Gent zeehaven 3170A
Eddastraat 51
9042 Gent

Tel.: +32 9251 4959
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